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Why you should choose Service Apartments over a hotel?

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Service Apartments are the types of apartments that you can take it for rent for a period of long term and short term.These are apartments that are fully furnished that contains all facilities like TV , Fridge A/C etc. Now a days Service Apartments are getting more famous. It is the best alternative for hotel stay.

Few benefits of opting a serviced apartment

1. Privacy and safety:

There are mangers and securities in the apartments for your safety. Service Apartments makes sure tgat the guests have complete safety. There are all security devices in service Apartments that consist of Security Apartments that consist of security devices,videophone,CCTV Cameras and monitotrs to see all activities in the surroundings.

2. Housekeeping Services:

House Keeping Facility is one of the best facilities provided by service apartments that os provided by the management. Your apartment will remain clean and tidy till the date you are staying in the apartment. A clean apartment will make your stay better and comfortable. The services provided at most of the apartments are equivalent to the ones provided by a top tier hotels. These serviced apartments also change sheets regularly and provide laundry facilities.

3. Pocket Friendly:

There is a talk among people that as the service apartment provides more space, the apartments will be more costly. In hotel rooms it is charged for single rooms but in Service Apartments, it is charged for the whole apartment that would be having the same amount of a hotel room. If you are comparing the facilities with the hotel, the service apartments are more better option than taking a hotel room. In hotel rooms, it might be difficult to stay for a long duration but in service apartments, you can stay for a long duration.


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