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Studio Apartments in Trivandrum

Updated: Jan 4

The type of apartments that comes in all shapes and sizes, with a common living and sleeping area is called Studio Apartment. Studio Apartment have a same living and bedroom. Depending upon the type and size of studio apartment, the comfortablity depends and the space will also be a main factor for the good stay in a studio Apartment

Trivandrum Service Apartments have studio apartments in Trivandrum city which is spacious and fully furnished. A person who is new in the Trivandrum city can stay in Trivandrum Service Apartments comfortably and full security.

The features of studio apartment are:

1. Room for flexibility

The space in the room is an important factor for the every people. Hotel Apartments are designed in such a way that it will be a luxorious one that increases the budget. You can cook food inside your studio apartment and avoid food from hotels which is an efficient method for saving money

2. Long stay

You can stay in studio apartment as long as you want. There are weekly,daily and monthly payment for studio apartment. This facilities are not available in a hotel. This is a better way to stay in a new city.

StayZone Service Apartments

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