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Short Stay Near Kims

Updated: Mar 7

Service Apartments are located in prime location inside the city. The service apartments are located in such a way that it has a close approximity to shopping centers, medical stores etc. If you are coming to a city for treatment purposes, service apartments will be a best solution for your stay as the service apartments has a close proximity to Hospitals and that will reduce your traveling cost also.

Privacy, comfort and convenience:

For a person who is coming for a medical treatment, cleanliness amd hygenic space is required for their stay. Trivandrum Service Apartments are hygenic and they maintains a clean apartment. There are facilities in Service Apartments such as a fully equipped modular kitchen, TV, Fridge, sofa, bed, washing machine etc. The person who is coming for medical treatment will have a food diet. So by staying in service Apartments,food can be cooked in the kitchen provided inside the apartment according to the diet of the patient.

Budget Friendly Stay:

The stay of a person who is coming for treatment purposes may increase as per tje treatment schedule. If you are staying in a hotel, the budget will be increased if you are extending the stay. There may be many other factors for the extension of stay.

Multiple occupancies:

Service Apartments are available according to the comfortablity and requirements of guests coming for stay. If a person is accompanied with a lot of family members, service Apartments provides facilities to stay with all of them under one roof. .

Emergency Assistance:

If you are in a new place, it is not good if everything is unknown in case of medical emergency. Service Apartments provides 24 hrs emergency services. You can avail all helps from the staffs and management in service Apartments in case kf emergency.

Thus Trivandrum Service Apartments is a best option for people coming for Medical Treatment

StayZone service apartments

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