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Service Apartments for Holiday Trip

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

There is nothing to compare in your life as that of a vacation trip. It enables you to relax and enjoy and will makes memory. Then the first step of trip planning is to select your trip destination and the placeplace where you are staying. If the accommodation that you are choosing is not good, it will affect your vacation trip. Service Apartments are the best option that you must opt for your stay during your vacation trip. These are the reasons why you should stay in Service Apartments.

1. Spacious

It is really irritating when you are staying in a small room after a long road trip. So you will need a large space to get relaxed. Service Apartments provides you a spacious room which will be more than 40% of a normal hotel room.

Serviced apartments consists of living room,bed room and a kitchen. You can select either 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom according to your wish. This allows you to do your cooking yourself and can avoid junk foods.

2. Budget Friendly stays:

The stay of medical patients may extend according to the treatment. In such case, staying at hotel will charge you more money. So people coming from other countries shall opt for serviced apartments for a budget friendly stay

3. Personalized Service

The Guests in the guest house will get more personalize service than the services they are availing at hotel. As the guest houses are smaller units as compared to hotel. So the guest will get a good personalised service and they will be having a good holiday stay.


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To book service apartment in Trivandrum please visit :


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