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Service Apartments are best for Long Stays

Service Apartments is a best place for people who love homely atmosphere. They have better facilities than that of Guest Houses and there are cooking facilities in Service Apartments. The advantages of Service Apartments is that, the guest can stay there for a long time and stay there as a traveller too. A number of officers from different Multi National Companies are staying at Service Apartments for a ling period of time. In Service Apartments, the can focus on their career. There are different facilities like wifi, furnishings etc. Renting out a furnished apartment will be better than renting out a flat as there are more facilities available im Service Apartments.

Service Apartment advantages over Budget Hotels

Service Apartments are 70-80% cheaper than that of a hotel. In Service Apartment you can accommodate 3-6 person in your Apartment.

There are cooking facilities in Service Apartment. So you dont have to have your food from hotels and restaurants.


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