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Holiday Homes at Trivandrum

Updated: Jan 4

During your holiday trip plan, it is important to search and finalize the place where you are staying. If the accommodation is not proper, that will affect your full trip. Service Apartments are the best option to stay during your holiday trip.

There are the reasons why you should plan your stay in Service Apartments during your next holiday trip.

Spacious Apartments

Service Apartments are the vest option if you are going for a holiday trip with a group of friends or family members. As you are going with a group of members, it require a large space for all of you to stay. Service Apartments are more space than that of a hotel room. There are Kitchen facilities and separate bedrooms available in Service Apartments.


You can stay in Service Apartments in a low budget. Service Apartments offers a luxury stay like hotels amd provides every facilities that are available in a hotel. There is a kitchen inside Service Apartments where you can cook food of your own. You can save your money by avoiding hotel food . All electronic appliances that are used in kitchen are available in Service Apartments.

Homely Atmospheres

People are choosing Service Apartments because they are getting a homely feeling by staying in Service Apartments. Service Apartments are designed in such a way that the travellers will get same feeling as that in their home. Service Apartments provides all the facilities that you are using at home or more than that.

Prime Locations

Service Apartments are located in places that are the prime location of that city. It will be close to all the shopping centers and other main activity centers of that city .It will be at the places where there are good availablity of taxies and private vehicles at any time.

StayZone service apartments

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