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Cheaper Stay Option at Trivandrum

Stay is the most important factor when you are going anywhere for a vacation. Your complete enjoyment in trip depends upon the place and the place where you stay. If you are coming to Trivandrum, there are homestays which provides you better service.

StayZone Service Apartments provide best homestay in Trivandrum. These are the reasons to prefer homestay when you are going for vacation trip.


Homestays are more cheaper than that of a hotel. Homestays provides better service and facilities that makes your stay comfortable. The amount charged by the homestays are much lower than the charges of hotel without any compromise in the service and facilities provided.

Provides Personalized Service

The Guests in the Homestays will get more personalize service than the services they are availing at hotel. As the homestays are smaller units as compared to hotel. So the guest will get a good pesonalised service and they will be having a good holiday stay

Homely feeling

Homestay can provide same feeling like your home. There are facilities that makes you feel as your home. You will be more relaxed and happy. They provide a good homely ambiance. You can perform all the activities that you are doing at home and can enjoy all the facilities in a Homestay.

Less rules

In hotels , there are many rules for staying there. But homestays are focusing on your comfort. So there are no much rules like other to make your stay comfortable.

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