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Benifits of Staying in Service Apartments

If you are traveling to a new place for a family or business tour, the best option for you for your accommodation is Service Apartments. Below mentioned are the benefits of staying in a service apartment.

More Spacious

If you are staying in a Service Apartment, you can enjoy more space which almost 25 % greater that that of a hotel room. There are separate rooms in Service Apartments where you can relax, work and cook. StayZone Service Apartments provides one BHK Apartments which are much bigger than that of a hotel room.

Longer stays in a minimum budget

Service Apartments charges less than almost 20 % below than that of a hotel room. There wont be any other extra charges for the Service Apartments. Usually corporate guests are taking Service Apartments because there are chances for extending their stay for one or two weeks. So Service Apartments are the best option for long term stay.

Prime Location

Service Apartments are usually located at the prime location of the city. It will be easily accessible to the different parts of the city. There are transportation facilities by every means where the Service Apartments are located.

Cooking & Washing Facilities

Most of the people has been got rid of fastfood now a days. People like cooking own food than having food from hotels. There are Kitchen facilities in Service Apartments where you can cook food by your own. There are laundry Service in Service Apartment where you can wash your clothes during your long stay.

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